Helios 44-M Restoration

Earlier this year, I finally cracked open the Helios 44-M that came with the Zenit TTL. It was horribly crusty, the glass was filthy, the aperture selector was crunchy, and the focus helicoid was pretty much stuck. Though it wasn’t strictly necessary, I decided to give it a full teardown and to thoroughly clean all its components. Nothing much seemed necessary in the way of repairs, so this seemed doable with the right tools and enough care. The one oddball tool I purchased for the job was an adjustable lens spanner. Otherwise, the standard small screwdrivers, tweezers, and needle-nose pliers did well. I re-lubricated everything, probably to higher spec than originally built.

Animated display of all parts of the lens
< Helios Heartbeat

Iris Wink >
Animation of blades of lens iris opening and closing
^ Tools, knolled ^


Zenit TTL Teardown

Parts layout of (almost) completely disassembled Zenit TTL Olympic Edition SLR camera.
On-the-fly “unexploded-view” drawings of various views of the TTL. Line drawings made in Photoshop, notes and annotations made by hand during the process of disassembly. Now serve as indexing method for storage in the disassembled state.

Modular Synthesizer

Film Dispenser / Image Exchange

A dispenser for 120 film reels, or reels comparably sized.
Made in Spring 2019, Princeton, NJ.
The Image/Object Exchange
Plywood, welded steel, performance

Sandy Sans

I made a font by drawing letters in the sand and tracing their outlines. It's not a great font, but it does the job. I spent way too long making it. Feel free to download it and use it for all your papers, thank-you notes, or journal entries.

Download Font