Who even is this guy, and why does he need his own website?

Many have asked, and far fewer have answered.

I am Benji. The truth is, I don't need my own website.

However, it seemed like a nice graphical journal of my past projects, artistic or otherwise. Having everything in one place also allows me to find common themes through all of my work. It's more customizable than Instagram (and marginally more private) but still readily shareable if, for some unknown reason, other people would want to take a look.

I have been a student for nearly my entire life, and that much is reflected here. This website is a repository for some of what I have learned and for some of what I have done with that knowledge and, in some cases, for some of what I have felt: photography, sculpture, video, crafts, scientific research, tinkering, etc.

If you would like to get in touch, please use the contact form here. Or, you can DM me on Instagram, if that's more your speed.